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Worker's Compensation/
Personal Injury


Anyone suspecting that an employee or other individual is wrongfully claiming damages would benefit from these services.


Case would include a background check, surveillance, investigations, video recording, and testimony at any legal proceedings.


Domestic Issues


This can include cheating spouses/partners, child custody, and property division issues.  In these situations we would do a thorough background check, surveillance, investigation, video recording, and testify at any legal proceedings.



For a free consultation




Serving the states of Illinois and Colorado
While we specialize in workers compensation and personal injury, we have a wide range of expertise.  Please call for a free one hour consultation to see how we can help you with your case.
Background Checks/​People Locator


We are able to provide a full comprehensive background using our licensed databases for use by prospective employers, landlords, persons using on-line dating, and other organizations and individuals.  

We would love to help you find your lost friends or family members that you have lost contact with.  


Armed Protective/Body Guard Services


Our trained professionals are provided to individuals, celebrities, and dignitaries.


Criminal Cases


Often brought to us when an individual and/or company feels as if there is criminal activity and needs proof/evidence to take to a law enforcement agency.  A well done investigation can also be used to establish innocence in a criminal proceeding.


Process Serving


We will locate an individual and serve them with various legal documents.  We provide this service for individuals, attorneys, corporations, etc.


We serve locally in Bond, Madison, Monroe, Clinton, Washington, and St. Clair Counties.


​Courthouse Record Search and Retreival


Anyone in need of civil and/or criminal records may contact us to retrieve these documents from the respective county courthouse.


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