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Who we are


We provide statewide coverage in Illinois.  We are a licensed, full service, fully staffed, professional agency.  We base our success on hard work, integrity, and our main focus is client satisfaction.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the winning edge!  We provide services to individuals, attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, financial insitutions, schools, and government.

To provide the highest quality of service, we are staffed with highly trained, experienced and educated investigators to meet the many demands that our clients may have.  We pride ourselves on having the capability, experience, and knowledge to help our clients with almost any need, problem, or situation.



At Henson Investigations, Inc. we want to provide clients with one resource to address their many needs.  Clients often need varied services to include: private investigations, process serving, background checks, threat/risk assessments, research, record searches/retrieval, surveillance, protective services, and much more.  

Elizabeth A. Henson

Elizabeth spent 25 years working in a law environment and is very familiar with the local courts, which is a great advantage for her.  She has focused the last 10 years on investigations, surveillance, and process serving, all while managing protection services for various local businesses.


Elizabeth has 15 years of personal firearm experience, completed 40 hour firearms training, completed the NRA Instructor's Course for Basic Pistol, and is a concealed carry instructor for Illinois and Utah.


David Martin

David is a native of Lebanon, Illinois, and has an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice.  He began his career as a private investigator with Henson Investigations Inc. in July of 2016.

David is also currently working for the Department of Homeland Security as a Transportation Security Officer.  Prior to his current positions, David proudly dedicated 22 years to law enforcement.  During his career as a police officer, David was awarded the 2010 Officer or the Year and received a Chief Accommodation in 2008.

Stacy Cote

Stacy has recently opened our new Colorado office.  Her primary focus will be on background checks and people locators.  She has a passion for reuniting lost friends and family members.  

After working many years in the human resources field, she is using her experience to complete extensive nationwide checks on your future employees, tenants, and anyone else that you feel you want a complete history on before bringing them into your home or business.

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